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Thursday, July 28, 2016

One Tough Cookie

Having spent plenty of time talking about our son when he was little and how amazing he was and currently is, it is only fair that I spend time talking about our daughter who, in her own unique way, is amazing.  Both our children our quirky, unique, and a joy to be around, but our daughter takes the cake for being the toughest child in the house, right now.   Except for the times when she creates a bigger deal out of nothing because her brother did something to her (can't believe she is already faking it to drive it home to him), she cries at almost nothing and if she does cry, gets over it within seconds.   She could fall down and scrape her hands and knees, and after a quick hug, she is back to running.  If no one is around and she thinks that no one saw her fall, she sometimes doesn't even cry.  The biggest difference I have noticed to date has been with teething.  Our son started teething early and finished early, but the process wasn't always smooth.  There were the complaints of pain, extreme moodiness, and periodic crying.  There is nothing wrong with that as I would probably cry if I was having something force its way into my gum line and I had no idea what it was or why it was happening.  Yet, our daughter never complains and never cries.  She may get a little moody, but not to the extent that our son did. 

 The real surprise for us in regards to teething came this past Monday.  When my wife picked up our daughter, her entire chest and back were covered in a rash.  Not knowing what it was, we got a little concerned, but decided to wait till the next day to consult our doctor as she was acting perfectly normal.  There was no cold symptoms, no fever, no aches, no lethargy.  There was nothing out of the ordinary.  So Tuesday morning, it looked worse and looked as if it was spreading.  Not wanting to take any chances, we kept her out of daycare and my wife brought her down to see our Doctor.  After checking out our daughter from head to toe, she finally looked in her mouth and found two molars starting to come in.  Without any other symptoms, it was determined that the rash was due to teething.  Yet our daughter showed no signs of being in any type of pain, just broke out in a rash literally from head to toe.   It is going on day four and the rash is still there, but she still shows no signs of being in pain due to the molars.  It amazes me.  I also hope she keeps that high pain tolerance with her as she grows older.  If only she could share some of it with her brother, we would be all set.  I had heard that younger girls were always tougher than the boys their age, but I never would have believe it had it not been for seeing our daughter in comparison to our son.  I love it.  

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