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Friday, March 16, 2012

Super Happy Rolling Baby

So yes, the title may be a little superfluous, but hey, its our son I am talking about and I am allowed to go over the top and boast a little about how proud of a father I am and how happy he makes me.  I still just can't get over what an effect he has on me.  While I have noticed it before, I really noticed it yesterday for some reason.  Yesterday I actually brought him to work with me.  No he wasn't around any "toxic" paint fumes or deadly dust that could debilitate him and hinder his development in any way.  Yesterday wasn't a painting day for me.  I was actually laying down one of those "pergo" type laminate wood floors that click together and have the look of real wood.  Well, despite the fact that it is not real wood, its not really the point of what I am talking about here.  The house I was working at belonged to a retired woman who used to work with my wife at her high school a few years back.  They still remain in contact and when she had me look at installing her floor, she offered to watch our son for us while I did the work.  She is a wonderful woman and trustworthy, and with my wife's approval, I brought him to work along with his bag full of belongings to make it through the day, and did what I do best...work.  There were a couple of frustrating times with floor, figuring out what the best way to do it was, improvising a little here and head scratching a little there.   Throughout the day, I would have to pass by our son on the way out the door to make cuts for the floor.  If my path didn't directly take me by him, I would often take a detour so my path would have to include a glimpse of our son.  Every time I passed by him, despite what my face looked like in the room I was laying the floor in, a smile erupted on my face every time I saw him.  He is just such a wonderful five month old, happy, smiling, and content with life, that I get overjoyed every time I see him. 

He was also very "talkative" yesterday which just added to my excitement and happiness upon seeing him.  During the day at work with him, I would hear him from the other end of the house, cooing, laughing, and doing his best to try different noises.  He has the funniest laugh right now.  It is more like the start of a laugh which almost immediately drawls into a steady "ahhhhh".  It is the cutest thing and on top of that, he is already showing signs that he will have a deep voice like his daddy.  He occasionally makes the high pitched squeal, but for the most part, his voice is lower than most babies voices, non-irritating even while crying, and when he hits puberty and goes through the whole vocal cord shift, his voice will most likely drop dramatically.  Of course it is all speculation at this point, but isnt' it fun to speculate about what how a child will turn out?  I am not holding any expectations about what will happen with him, I am simply thinking about what things may be like, what he might go through.  If his voice doesn't drop and become a baritone, trust me, I won't be disappointed.  But anyway, enough about speculation and what not and back to what is happening now.  Wednesday was a wonderful day as well (as is every day with our son).   I had the whole day with him, no working, just being with him. 

I was planning on going on a hike with him fairly early in the day after he ate his morning snack.  He, however, had different plans.  Instead of only sleeping for the usual hour that he does in the morning from 7-8, he decided to sleep from 7-930.  So we didn't get going till 10 and as I forgot the pouch for him in my wife's car, we had to make a detour by her high school to grab it.  We finally got to hiking by 11.  Instead of going to one of my usual spots in Naugatuck State Forest, I decided to head up to Lake Zoar and try out some of the trails around Kettletown State Park.  I had been there once before, but forgot entirely how much steep terrain there was there.  It was a beautiful day, however, the temperature being in the low 60's and a nice cool breeze blowing, so there was no complaining on my part.  Despite his fascination with pine needles, lichen, moss, rocks, and ferns (all of which I introduced to him), he did get a little fussy near the end.  My thinking was he probably had a wet diaper and on top of that, he was pressed against my chest in the pouch, probably getting uncomfortably warm, and just wanted to cool down a little.  As soon as we got back to my Jeep and started driving, he fell right asleep.  I think the reason he napped so much on Wed.  (he had another almost 2 hour nap in the afternoon) was because he got so involved in rolling around.  In the morning before his 2.5 hour nap, he practically rolled right across our living room.  All that effort probably drained all his energy.  Overall though, while he has always had a good temperament, these past few days have been fantastic with him, his temperament being even better and happier than usual.  He is just one fantastic, happy, growing baby and any chance I get to talk about him, I will.  I will continue to smile every time I see him, even if he is crying, and will love him forever. 

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