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Friday, October 5, 2012

Home Today With My Son

Its been over a week since I got to spend the day watching my son.  Last week was a little bit of an anomaly with my wife having a day off from work leaving me with the ability to work all week on getting jobs done.  While I got more work done, I didn't get to watch my son.  I could have, but opted not to.  Well, today I get him all to myself and I can't wait to see what he will be doing.  One thing I have noticed in the mornings when I am leaving is that he is getting a lot more "clingy".  In my final moments of getting my stuff together to leave, (my cooler of food for the day, my large container of water, coffee, etc.) he will make his way over to me and want to be held.  Yesterday when I picked up him to say goodbye, he didn't want to be handed off to anyone.  He didn't want to be held by my wife or either of my parents who were gracious enough to take the day off and watch him.  It was tough on both our parts I am sure for me to get out the door.  The only good part so far in regards to the "clinginess" is that he hasn't started crying when I leave.  If he did, I probably wouldn't leave for an extra 10 minutes or so.  My wife noticed yesterday as well that he was getting clingy with my dad.  When she got home from work, he was excited to see her, but then went right back to my dad.  I don't know what exactly to make of it, but I am not complaining in the least.  He is my little man and never ceases to amaze me, make me smile, and make me laugh. 

Luckily the weather is supposed to break today and we should actually see some sun which has been hiding most of the week.  As today is the unofficial start of the labor day weekend, my son, our dogs, and I were supposed to be headed up to Vermont to go camping.  Similar to labor day weekend, we were going to head up this morning and my wife was going to meet us up there after she got out of work.  However, the weather in Vermont is a little too cold at night for us to be perfectly comfortable with our son sleeping outdoors with us.  After all, he is only a year old (not quite, his birthday is next week) and he has no sleeping bag or blankets to speak of.  My wife did make a fleece sleeping pouch for him, but with the temperatures sinking into the lower 30's, we decided it is just too much of a risk.  So instead, I will spend today with my son and head up alone with the dogs tomorrow morning.  Why am I still going up even though my wife and son won't be?  Pretty much because I have been going non-stop for the past month without a break and I really need one.  I haven't only been working 10-12 hour days, but after I get home, eat dinner, and spend a little time with my wife, I start working on projects for the house (concrete counter top and cabinet doors) for a few hours.  I have pretty much been burning the candle from both ends and those two ends are about to meet in the middle.  Despite the fact that it is supposed to be a mildly rainy weekend up there, I will be in the middle of the woods with peace and quiet; just the recipe to add some more wick and wax to my candle. 

Back to my son, however, and our plans for the day.  As I have my meeting this morning, I will be dropping my son off with my dad to watch him for a few hours.  I am guessing he will probably see his great grandmother while he is there and might not get a nap in.  Seeing as it is supposed to be a mostly beautiful day, I was thinking of bringing him down to the beach for a while to play in the sand and get some fresh air.  After that, who knows, we might just have to go for a walk or just play around our house.  Regardless of what we do, I will enjoy every minute of it.  I am glad that I work for myself and have the ability to take off whatever day I need to, especially when it comes down to spending a day with my son.  I know there are weeks when I opt to work instead, but there is a balance that must be struck between bringing in enough money to help support us and spending time with my son.  I can't simply focus on work (we would have more money) and I can't simply focus on my son despite my desire to do so (we would have no money).  I am simply taking it week by week and letting the cards fall where they may.  As my grandmother, Baba, would say, "Life is not so simple".  Amen to that.  The older you get, the more complicated life gets.  To bad it doesn't get easier as you get older, but such is life.  For now, I need to get my but in gear as my son and I need to leave the house by ten after 6 this morning.  Crazy morning, crazy life, love my son, that's all folks. 

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