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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Abortion Issue

An issue that always receives attention around election time is that of abortion and whether to keep it legal or to outlaw it.   I personally think it should be outlawed, or at least have repercussions put in place for those that choose to have an abortion.  I have talked before about this issue and my stance on it and my stance has not changed.  If anything, my feelings have only grown stronger about the issue and its place in society.  After much thinking about the issue, I have come up with what I consider to be logical conclusions about abortion and its illegality.  Before I continue, if you think you will be offended by what I am saying, then just stop reading now.  If you continue and feel like responding, I only ask that you respond politely so perhaps the conversation can continue.  Any vitriol left as a comment on my blog will be deleted, any comment that is polite will be responded to.  OK, with that being said, let me continue as to why I think abortion is akin to murder and should be punished as such.  Some people say that human life doesn't begin till the 3rd month after conception, some later, some earlier.  Despite the point that people say human life begins indicates a flaw right off the bat.  In order for a human life to begin, conception must take place, therefore any attempt indicate a time when a fetus reaches "human" status inherently says that human life was already present.  Let me elaborate.  At the point of conception, the cells that are multiplying can develop into nothing other than a human being.  There has been no documented instance of a human bringing to term anything other than a human.  A woman has never given birth to a monkey, dolphin, elephant, or dog.  It is just not possible.  Some may disagree that human life begins at conception, but I have yet to hear an argument that holds its own and proves that human life doesn't begin for "x" amount of time afterwards.  With the understanding that a woman is carrying a human from the point of conception till birth, any attempt to end that life should inherently be called murder, for that's what it is. 

Murder is defined in the dictionary as: "the unlawful premeditated killing of a human being by a human being".  It would seem that the only reason we aren't calling abortion murder in this country is that for some reason, it is lawful.  In every other sense of the definition, abortion is murder.  A woman decides before hand that they don't want to allow the human being within them to live and makes a decision to end, or kill, that human life.  Its mind boggling to me how anyone can say that abortion is not murder.  Simply because that human life is dependent on you for food and housing (essentially what a womb is), does not mean that you can decide whether or not it should live.  If we go by the reasoning of those who support abortion, they would say that it is different because if you took that human out of the womb, it probably wouldn't survive.  So by that reasoning, if we took any young child, say 1-3 years of age and killed them, it would be OK because they are dependent on their parents for survival.  It just doesn't stack up in my mind.  Lets push it a little farther.  If we took that reasoning and applied it to a severely handicapped person, injured either in war or from an accident, who is dependent on others for everything from getting fed to getting washed to going to the bathroom, then we should be able to kill them at will as well.  Yet, we can't decide to kill a child or an invalid without repercussions so how can we kill a child in a mother's womb without repercussions.  To me, the same punishments that would be applied to a parent who kills their child or to a caregiver who kills an invalid should apply to a mother who kills their child through abortion.  Harsh?  Only if you don't value human life or delineate differences between one human life and another.  My wife doesn't even agree with me on this point, but I am perfectly OK with that.  This all brings us to the point of women's choice and the choice to carry a child in their womb.  To me, there shouldn't be a choice.  We don't have the choice whether or not we should kill our neighbor simply because we don't want to live next to them.  Once a baby is born, father's don't have a choice whether or not they want to pay for that child's well being.  As such, a woman should not be able to decide whether or not they want to murder their child. 

Some women claim that is sometimes for a women's health that they have an abortion.  In some cases, women claim that it comes down to the baby's life or their life so obviously the mother should survive.  I would ask almost any mother with a child running around if they would sacrifice their child's life for their own if it came down to it.  I guarantee that most would say to take their own life.  I as a father would say to take my life over my son's if it came down to it.  For whatever reason, a child in a mother's womb isn't seen as valuable as a child who has been gone through the birthing process.  The whole idea of abortion is skewed and the logic just isn't their to support its lawful accessibility.  Women's rights blah, blah, blah.  If you don't want to have a child, don't have sex, simply put.  Just because a woman wants to go out and receive pleasure from someone else does not give them the right to relieve themselves from the potential consequences of their actions.  It just doesn't work that way.  Yet, for some reason, in this country, women have the ability to go to a co-conspirator (doctor) and premeditate about killing a human being.  The worst part is, they get off free and clear when they commit that murder, or have the doctor commit the murder for them.  Granted, they may suffer some mental repercussions, guilt at killing a human being, depression, so on and so forth.  Yet, they aren't punished for killing a human being.  To me, it doesn't make sense how we can claim we are moving forward with women's health in this country and yet still find it OK to murder a child in a mother's womb.  Its the same thing as taking your one year old child, strapping him to a table, and administering a lethal injection.  That's all I have for now on this issue.  Tomorrow, I will be back to talking about my 13 month old son and my day off with him today.  Let the barrage against me commence!

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