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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Art of Sleeping In

So you got me, there really isn't an art to sleeping in, it just happens sometimes.  Sometimes, you don't even have to be up till the wee hours of the morning to sleep in, you just wake up late.  Well, that's what I did this morning, slept in, and woke up about an hour after I normally do.  My alarm clock is normally set for 4 A.M., which really means its 3:50 because I have my clock set 10 minutes fast.   The thing is, I remember waking up 5 minutes before my alarm clock was due to start beeping, and I also remember turning off the alarm clock for some reason figuring that I would just get out of bed in a few minutes.  That didn't happen however.  Instead, I got shaken awake an hour later at 4:45 with my wife saying, "you slept late".  Well, that did it for my morning routine.  No half hour walk with the dogs, no leisurely coffee making, no head start on my morning blog.  Some days are like that however, and I could get upset, but you know what, I got an extra hour of sleep and feel pretty good in that respect.  So there will be no self loathing, no depressing cast for what is supposed to be a beautiful day, simply a shorter blog this morning and a little extra coffee to kick me into high gear as quick as possible.  The thing is, I still have to leave at the same time to drop my son off at day care.  My wife still has to leave at the same time to get to work.  The only difference this morning is that I slept in.  Lucky for me, my wife woke up when she did and get us truckin, because if she didn't, I have no clue when I would have woken up. 

What exactly goes through one's mind when they sleep late.   I did wake up and I did turn off my alarm clock, but normally I jump right out of bed.   Obviously there was some part of my brain that said, "Sleep, Alex, Sleep."  OK, maybe my brain didn't say that and maybe I still am a little tired and starting to ramble, but hey, I can blame it on the tiredness today.  So with that in mind and sleeping late luckily not a regular occurrence, I am signing off for today.  I nice, little, short, to the point, quick and easy blog post for your Tuesday morning.  Wow, I need more coffee.  So till tomorrow, enjoy your day and don't sleep in (unless you really need to, then I give you permission.)  Oh, and a quick correction per my wife; I didn't wake up before my alarm clock, it actually did go off, so I guess I just shut it off and passed back out.   In addition, the clock I was looking at was wrong, so I only slept in 45 minutes instead of an hour.  I stand corrected (although I am sitting right now, so how does that work?)

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