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Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Adventure for Little Man

It seems like our son has taken a break from making any bold new advances over the past few weeks.  He is slowly introducing new consonants into his vocabulary, but they are haphazard and I don't think he really knows yet how he gets those sounds out.  There are times during his soliloquies when he gets this look of deep concentration, his brow furrowed, his mouth wide open uttering whatever comes to mind, and normally while holding a block in his hand.  Other times, when he is laid out on the floor getting his tummy time, he will press his face right into the carpet and start talking and singing.  It is quite funny to see, especially when he stops, looks up, and smiles at you as if he wasn't doing anything.  He is definitely one precious, unique, baby and I wouldn't have it any other way.  In terms of his crawling, he hasn't quite gotten there yet.  I know I have been saying for weeks now that it seems like he is on the verge and it is only a few weeks away, but I obviously can't tell when exactly he will start.  It does seem like he is getting closer and closer, it is just in really small increments.  He tries his best with his legs, moving them forward as best he can, he just can't figure out the whole balancing while moving the arms forwards part.  He gets himself up on all fours, arms either bent at the elbow or completely straightened and struggles to figure out how to coordinate all four limbs.  Sometimes he will leave one arm bent, the other straightened, and attempt to scootch himself forward with his legs, however he usually ends up flipping himself onto his back when he does this.  In any case, crawling is not on his list of achievements as of yet, but maybe another week, two, or four will see him moving like a madman. 

So I mentioned in the title that he has a new adventure and I wasn't leading anyone on, I just wanted to drag you in a little before I revealed it.   This adventure that I speak of comes in the way of contraption that you place an infant in.   The official name is the "musical motion activity jumper".  Sounds complicated, but it really is quite simple.  It partly suspends the infant in a chair (allowing their feet to touch the ground), is suspended by bungee cords so it bounces to and fro, and the seat spins 360 degrees with different objects or attached toys for the infant to play with.  So it is probably not the best description, but its the best I got without boring you with excessive details.  Well, our son absolutely loves it.  I placed him in it for the first time yesterday and for a minute he didn't know what to do with himself and all the colorful contraptions surrounding him.  That didn't last long as he started banging on some things, attempting to put others in his mouth, and learning how to spin himself around in the swivel seat.  By far his favorite object on the jumper is a sunflower that is attached to the seat.  It is the only object that is flexible enough to allow him to put it in his mouth and as such he focuses his time there.  He will rotate on occasion and try his hand at something else, but he inevitably returns to the sunflower right now.  I can already see the benefit of this jumper outside the activities attached to it.  The fact that he can partially stand looks like it will aid him in gaining his balance.  It is sometimes funny to watch him as he stands and then tries to start running.  The whole jumper bounces to and fro and he gets this wide mouthed look on his face which soon after erupts into a smile. 

Outside this new adventure, he still remains his normal, happy, cheerful self.  He still loves people, and loves to study anything new that is going on.  I mentioned a while back how he stares at people's lips when they are talking, well, it seems like he is doing that even more in an attempt to figure out how to talk.  One of his favorite songs, sung to him while changing his diaper, is the alphabet song.  He could be getting fussy because of a soaking wet diaper but as soon as I start the alphabet song, he stops his fussing and smiles away, almost giggling.  He is such an amazing little baby that I don't know what I would do without him now.  Just last week, my son and I went on a little road trip to check out a job for me.  I had worked at the place before so I knew the people really well.  When I got there with our son, the lady wondered if she could hold him, and of course I said yes.  Our son didn't mind either, although at first he was skeptical, looked at me to see if it was OK, and when he saw me smiling and telling him it was fine, he smiled and started grabbing for the lady's face as he grabs for any face within reach.  Truly amazing.  Even when we go to church, he smiles at everyone around us and never minds when they ask to hold him, he just grabs for their faces.  So as I begin my second day this week watching our son, I look forward to every aspect of the day and whatever it may bring.  We will continue our adventure in the jumper and probably go for a walk somewhere.  Till tomorrow, enjoy the "abundant sunshine" as the weather channel says. 

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