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Friday, May 4, 2012

First Weekend Without Son

As you might have gathered by the title of this post, I am going away for the weekend, the first without my son around since he has been born.  I am not going on vacation per se, but I am instead making a trip up to Vermont to bring up any camping supplies we may need for the summer and also to finish the doors on the shed I started building there last year.  I was almost able to finish last summer except that by the end of summer, my wife was getting closer and closer to her due date and I didn't want to risk one weekend away knowing that it would be the time when she went into labor.  So, after the long winter that wasn't really a winter, I am heading back up there to finish the last important piece to the shed, the doors.  When we left last labor day, I simply took a few pieces of plywood and nailed them over the opening.  It was the simplest solution to security in the middle of the woods that I could think of and I only hope that no one decided to try and rip them off and expose what camping supplies we had stored up there.  We shall see later today what the state of the shed is.  But that is neither here nor there, yet.  For now, I am thinking about our son and how much I am going to miss him this weekend.  Its a little weird having spent the last 6.5 months with our son and now to be spending two nights away from him.  I know its only two nights, three days, but still, for a first time parent, I am definitely going to miss him. 

I know that our son will be fine, he is a trooper and will continue to try crawling faster and faster while I am gone and provide plenty of dirty diapers for my wife to change.  Trust me, I won't miss the dirty diapers, but I will miss him and my wife.  My wife, I feel, will have more of a tough time than our son will have.  After all, she will be taking care of him all by herself for three days, something she hasn't had to do yet.  I think overall that she is more concerned than I am, wondering what she is going to do and how she will handle it.   I have faith in her, however, and know that she will take it in stride.  Overall, our son is fairly easy to take care of, there are rarely an screaming fits, maybe 5 since he was born, and he makes life easy.  I know he could have some issues, but if he does, they probably won't amount to anything significant.  In any case, I am only going to be gone for the weekend, so there really isn't that much to be worried about.  Even if there was, I am only 3.5 hours away and if need be, could probably make it back home in slightly under three hours depending on speed, traffic, and the prevalence of police on the roadways.  But moving on, I still have a little packing to do, food to get ready, and a few more things.  It all falls into place when it needs to. 

I guess my biggest worry for this weekend, outside of missing my wife and son, is getting up to the campsite.  Last spring when I made the trek up there the first weekend of May, I got my van stuck in the mud on the trail up to the campsite.  Unbeknown to me, last year I went up a week after the snow pack had melted, leaving everything completely muddy and wet.  This year, luckily, there has not been nearly as much snow as there was last year and I am hoping that the ground is firm enough up the trail so that my van can make it all the way up.  If it is muddy, it will be a hell of a work weekend as I will have to cart all my supplies uphill to the campsite.  Most of it won't be an issue, but there are a few things that will give me grief if it comes down to that.  First is the generator that I am borrowing to get the work done this weekend.  It is not light by any means and even with a wheelbarrow to roll it up the hill in, it will definitely cause the sweat to start coursing out of my pores.  All in all, I am sure that it is going to be a great weekend with today looking like the only day of rain I will have.  As long as it is sunny tomorrow and Sunday, I will have not a care in the world.  Even if it isn't sunny, I won't complain because I will be on a mini vacation.  Oh well, let everyone reading this pray that the mud isn't to bad in Vermont.  Thanks in advance and I will be back next week. 

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