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Friday, May 11, 2012

Seven Month Checkup

Yesterday was our son's seven month check up and once again, he did wonderfully.  As it was just a regular checkup, there was nothing really spectacular to report except his new weight and height.  Currently he weighs in at a staggering 18 lbs, 9 ounces and stretches to an enormous 26.5 inches.  I know, nothing like a little hyperbole to start off the day, but what can I say, he didn't get any shots, the doctor was happy, and consequently, so were we.  But besides that, there is other news to report about his development.  Besides being able to feed himself the bottle which I already reported on last week, he has now moved to a two arm army crawl.  It is funny to watch him as he just figured out how to use his other arm to propel himself forward at a higher rate of speed.  While both arms work most of the time, there is the occasional instance of his right arm getting stuck underneath his body after which he continues to try and move forward without success until he pulls his stuck arm out.  Now it seems his big push is to try and figure out how to crawl on his hands and knees.  As it is, he is moving around faster and faster and once he figures out the whole crawling thing, he will be off for good, no more stopping him.  It is fascinating to watch him try and figure out how to move his knees forward while holding his chest in the air with his hands.  At first he pushes up with his arms and then hops his knees forward till he is perched soundly on hands and knees. 

Once he has gotten himself into the proper position as he feels, he stairs between his arms at his knees and tries to figure out what to do.  He can get his right knee forward, but then gets a little stuck as to how to move his left forward.  I seriously don't think it will take him too long as his strength is improving and he can almost move his left knee forward.  His balance his also seriously improving to the point where he just might start walking before he actually crawls.  Occasionally when he is playing with a toy he will balance on his right knee and left hand.  While balanced in this position, he will extend his left leg out straight in the air and with his right hand he will swat at his toy.  He keeps his balance fairly well in this position until he gets tired and plops down on his belly to play with his toy.  In the process of figuring out how to crawl, he has done a hop a few times.  He will get himself on his hands and toes, the rest of his body in the air and hop forward to his knees.  He hasn't done this too much, perhaps because after the first few times he figured that if he keeps on hopping like that he will either fall over or hurt his knees, who knows.  But aside from all that, he is still his normal, happy, baby self.  When he does get fussy, it is for a reason, maybe one that we don't know, but definitely for a reason, and it still isn't too often. 

His laugh is developing and as soon as he laughs, we laugh right along with him.  He is overly happy when either my wife or I are dancing around the house to music.  He will watch us and just laugh right along, finding it funny and hilarious.  But that just is who he is, a unique individual that changes every week and is slowly growing into a little boy.  Yes, he is still a baby, but boyhood is just around the corner for him.  I still find it weird sometimes when I get him the morning to think that I am a father.  I know it to be true, I feel it, but sometimes I still can't believe it.  It doesn't happen very often and I have no regrets, its just funny how sometimes I realize how lucky I am and how I don't even know how I got here.  But I guess that is life, time flies and every so often you take a step back and wonder how everything happened that happened.  Its a mystery to me, but exciting.  So as our son begins eating more and more, carrots being one of his favorite foods, I am sure he will hit a growth spurt fairly soon and grow exponentially.  Then again, maybe he won't, only time will tell.  Till next week, enjoy your weekend.  I know I will enjoy mine with my wife and son, especially since it is our first mother's day as a family.  Which reminds me, to all the mother's out there, happy mothers day and seriously, don't do to much work, let others do it for you. 

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