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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cooler Weather

I for one am glad that the weather is getting milder.  Yesterday had to have been one of the best exterior painting days in months.  Not that I was actually painting (I was scraping all day), but I was outside for the duration and absolutely loved it.  The only thing that would have made it an all around perfect day would have been if I wasn't working, but such is life.  I can only take so much of the moisture filled air that seems to hang like a soggy blanket, unmoving and nasty.  Just looking back at Monday makes the sweat start to pool under my skin and consider oozing out of my pores.  Monday was the complete opposite of yesterday in that you could hardly move without your skin starting to glisten.  There is something uniquely oppressive about humidity that seems to act like a pause button on life.  It says, "slow down, don't work, its not worth it, why don't you have a beer."  I never listen when it comes to work, however, at home, I am all ears.  While at work, its almost a struggle sometimes when working in the humidity to even move.  It seems like the thick air envelopes you like a straight jacket and tries to restrict every movement you make.  Attempting to climb a ladder, or even lift a paint brush repeatedly can seem like an Olympic feat.  And while I love the sun, I will not miss the humidity at all.  I know that we will probably still have sticky, humid days ahead before we head full steam into autumn, but with the glimpse of cooler weather yesterday, I think I can make it through them. 

Yesterday I took my Jeep down to work as my van was in the shop getting fixed up.  As is normally the case in the summer, I took off the doors to make it as close as possible to a convertible.  Well, with the doors off it felt like I an icebox on the way to work.  The hairs were sticking straight up on my arm, my whole body was mildly shivering, and I absolutely loved it.  I knew I wasn't going to be freezing for too long as the sun was slowly climbing into the sky along with the temperature.  Every so often there was a cool gust of wind that blew through the Jeep, rustling my hair, and making feel truly alive.  If only every day was like yesterday I would be in heaven.  Even when I started working, I found it extremely hard to break a sweat no matter how hard I worked.  Coming up on the afternoon hours, I was sure that it would get warm and sticky at least for a little, but I was surprised and delighted when it stayed relatively cool throughout the day.  Luckily I still have plenty of exterior work left ahead of me so I can enjoy the cooling weather.  It not only benefits me as I can work longer and harder than I can in the humidity, but it also helps with the paint and drying.  I don't have to worry as much if something will dry in the cooler weather vs. the humid weather.  This morning was another good surprise with temperatures in the 50's that almost made me shiver as I was taking my morning walk.  In my mind there is nothing better than a cool morning walk to get the blood flowing and wake you right up (except a cup of coffee that is).  In any case, I can't wait till the humidity is completely gone and fall sets in for a few months. 

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