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Friday, August 17, 2012

To The City

I am headed to New York City today.  Its been a while, too long in my mind, and I personally can't wait to get back down there to the hustle and bustle, even if its only for one day and night.  The last time I was there had to have been at least three to four years ago, possibly longer.  There is a part of my that misses the city every so often and I have finally been given an excuse to escape down there.  The reason my travels bring me to New York City on this beautiful Friday is one of my best friends is up from Miami visiting some friends and asked if I could make it down for a day.  I said of course I could.  I will not be traveling with my wife and son on this trip.  I will flying solo this time and hopefully over the winter my wife and I can make a trip down with our son for his first experience of the chaos that is New York.  Perhaps that is why I enjoy traveling down there so much, because of the chaos.  There is something about being in the midst of a throng of people traveling down a sidewalk that is exhilarating.  Whats even more exhilarating is to slow down and watch the tide of people part and flow around you like a sea of overgrown ants.  Thinking about it, most of them do resemble ants with little electronic devices poking out of their ears, receiving and sending signals like an ants antennae.  I also enjoy watching the variety of people that populate the streets in New York.  You get everyone from the homeless, to the business executive, to the yuppie, to the lone traveler.  Thinking about the myriad different people down in the city and their close proximity to each other, I can understand why some people don't like the city.  For many, there is the issue of personal space.  There must be at least 3 feet around some people at all times or else they start to freak out and become almost claustrophobic.  Not me.  Give me the crowds, give me the insanity, and as long as I am outdoors and not stuck in a throng in a store, I am all good.  I guess that would be my weak spot, crowds of people inside stores.  Now that is not my thing, although I can deal with it on occasion.  In any case, I will be leaving in a few hours, hitting up the Moma, and enjoying some time with friends.   Supposedly, my friend's buddy who lives in New York has reserved the rooftop grill at his apartment building in the business district for tonight so we will be grilling and chilling.  At least drinks will be less expensive as we will not be traveling to too many bars.  So I am going to keep it short today so I can spend a little time with my son before I go.  Have a great weekend everyone and I will be back to the writing block Monday morning. 

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