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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Bed Time Stressor

Our son's blood sugar is tested multiple times throughout the day now to see how he is doing and so we can coordinate with the doctors and adjust his insulin as necessary.  His numbers are not quite stable yet and the balancing act of adjusting his insulin doses appropriately continues.   As a result of constantly adjusting his doses, sometimes his blood sugar dips a little low and we have to compensate by getting some carbs into our son.  (The carbs are what his body needs for the insulin, crazy).  During the day if he goes a little low, there is always someone around to look for the signs and remedy the situation with a juice box or small snack.  At night, however, the stress begins.  For about the past week, his blood sugar numbers before I head off to bed have been low.  For my wife and I, this gets to be a little concerning as we don't know if it will dip even lower over night.  Those nights when it has dipped low, I have had to wake our son up to give him some juice to bump his numbers up.  Trying to wake him up a few hours after he has gone to bed is next to impossible.  It usually takes almost 5 minutes every time till I can get him coherent enough to drink a cup of juice.  I feel bad that I have to wake him up like that, but its better than the potential alternative.  I think that the worst part is not knowing what his body is going to do.  Will the fast acting insulin wear off in time so his numbers go up?  Will the long lasting insulin kick in too much?  Should we wake up in the middle of the night to make sure he is ok?  Most of the time, I will just stay up later to make sure his numbers are up and not wake up in the middle of the night to check again.  Those days are mostly over.  Now, it just takes my anticipated bed time and pushes it back 30-45 minutes.  Just another adjustment we need to make.  Once his insulin doses are regulated, however, this too shall pass.  At this point, our son is dealing with it extremely well and it seems as if most of the stress now falls on us as parents.  But isn't that how parenting is, constant worry about children and their well being?  This just adds an extra layer of worry on top of everything else.  Still, wouldn't trade it for anything.  

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