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Friday, July 13, 2012

Seeing My Son's Smile

I am sure that by now most people reading this blog have come to the conclusion that I absolutely love my son.  What started off as uncertainty when we first found out my wife was pregnant has turned into a love and affection that holds no bounds.  I can't help but feel that most parents experience this after a child is born, especially their first one.  Seeing a new innocent life brought into this world is an amazing sight and one that I will frankly remember forever.  While that in and of itself is a special moment to be cherished, what follows is simply beautiful.  To watch a baby transform from this wriggling, breathing lump of flesh into an active baby full of personality and zest takes my breath away.  Yet even watching your own baby grow pales in comparison to seeing your baby smile when they see you.  I know that regardless of the type of day I am having, good or bad, that when I come home and see my son smile, all worries will melt away.  I absolutely love walking through the door and seeing our son smile when he sees me.  Its not just a little upturn of the corners of the mouth, it is a wide mouthed smile reaching from cheek to cheek and reflected in his sparkling eyes.  That smile alone makes every day worth living.  Today, I will sign off with that.  Its going to be a busy day today and I personally can't wait to get my son out of his crib when he wakes up and see his glimmering smile!

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