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Friday, July 27, 2012

Vacation Time and Our Son

I need a vacation.  Yes.  Let me state it one more time, I need a vacation.  Its been about a month since my wife, son, and I headed up to Vermont and luckily, we are headed up today for another weekend in the woods.  This little mini vacation couldn't have come at a more opportune time.  The last few weeks have been crazy, including the weekends, and I'm losing motivation to work.  When the motivation to work diminishes, it usually means I need a break from it all.  This past week has been especially tiring.  In addition to working all day, I have come home to work on the second and last concrete countertop for our kitchen.  I made the final adjustments and preparations to the form and finally poured the concrete on Wendesday evening.  Now we wait.  This countertop has been a little more nerve racking than the first as the measurements need to be more exact than the first one.  With a cutout for a sink, a faucet, and its accompanying sprayer, if the form is off even a quarter inch, I will probably not be happy and need to scrap it and start over again.  Luckily I did factor in a little bit of leeway with my measurements, but I only have about an eighth of an inch play on either side to make it look good.  For the sake of my friends who will be helping me first move it out of my garage to polish and then into the house for its final installation, I hope that I got everything correct so that they don't have to come back and help me do it all over again.   But I am done thinking about the countertop till Monday when we will pull it out of its form and hope for the best. 

Now it is time to forget about work for a few days and focus on getting our stuff ready to go to Vermont.  This will be our son's third trip camping and I am sure he will love it as always.  I only hope that he goes to sleep a little easier than he did last time and stays asleep the whole night.  It should be interesting this time as we are supposed to get some rain up there, but we have some shelter if necessary so it shouldn't be too bad.  The only part I am worried about is if the storms roll in at night.  If there is thunder and lightning, there is a good chance that our son will wake up.  At this point, though, I am just hoping the rain and thunder keep themselves to a minimum so we can enjoy ourselves thoroughly over the weekend.  Maybe this will be the weekend that our son decides to take his first steps solo.  He has yet to make the giant leap to walking even though every week seems like it might just be "the week".  Trust me, we are not rushing him by any means, mostly we are just trying to save our backs.  Currently, all that our son wants to do is grab our fingers and walk around.  While he is growing taller, holding his fingers does require a little bending of the back to make it possible and remaining hunched over like that does not feel very good after a while.  But we will keep holding his fingers as long as it takes him to take those first unaided steps. 

In addition to almost walking (yes I have been saying that for the past month or so), he added some new consonants to his vocabulary.  For a good while there, he would babble da da da da, and so on and so forth.  While it was nice to have him look at me and say da da, he would also look at a our shelves, dogs, or cardboard and say the same exact thing.  Now he has taken to calling everything ma ma ma ma.  He is building his vocabulary a little bit at a time and eventually (I am going to state the obvious here so watch out) he will figure out how to form words and sentences and the like.  What has been really cool that I have personally not experience myself is our son grabbing his favorite book, carrying it or pushing it over to my wife, and sitting with her while they flip through and read the book.  He has even taken to grabbing books and flipping through them himself.  I definitely couldn't be happier about his interest in books.  Hey, maybe he will be reading a little Dostoyevsky soon!  Probably not as he would try to eat the pages, but one day maybe.  Last but not least in regards to our son, we think the newest occupation he will be trying out for is rock climbing.  He as taken an interest in attempting to climb everything he comes across whether it be people, chairs, dressers, couches, changing tables, crib, gates, etc.  You name it, he tries to climb it.  I guess soon after he is walking I will have to get him into a tree and start teaching him how to climb trees properly so that he doesn't fall out of them.  He probably will as that is what I did on a number of occasions.  All we can do is hope he doesn't fall to hard.  In any case, time for me to wrap things up and carry on with my day.  Hopefully everyone has a fantastic weekend. 

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