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Monday, July 2, 2012

Vermont Weekend Over

How come it seems that when you go away for a weekend, a mini vacation if you will, it all ends way too quickly?  I know the short answer; its only a weekend so of course it will fly by.  Perhaps it is also because we get into relaxation mode so swiftly and deeply that we don't want to pull ourselves out and return to our regular lives.  I know I didn't after this weekend.  Even the setup and breakdown of all our camping supplies doesn't detract too much from our relaxation as we have it all down to a science.  We know what happens when we pull up without even talking about it and we just get to work.  It usually only takes about an hour or two to set everything up and then a little longer on the flipside to break everything down.  That should leave plenty of time in between to relax and enjoy ourselves.  Yet that time never seems like enough, we could always stay an extra day or two in the relative peace and quiet that is our Vermont campsite.  There is minor work to do like splitting wood, trimming the grass, going for short hikes, but all that work is different than it is at home.  I still have wood to split at home, I have grass to trim and cut at home, and the hikes wait for me at home as well.  I guess the biggest difference comes with the frame of mind I have at home versus camping when I am doing these things that makes all the difference.  At home, it mostly seems like a chore (except hiking).  In Vermont, its more enjoyable for some reason.  But whatever reason I can come up with here, it won't change the fact that our time in Vermont passes way to quickly and I wish I was back there already. 

This past weekend up in Vermont was absolutely beautiful.  There was hardly a cloud in the sky, the temperature peaked in the mid 80's, and the humidity wasn't that bad either.  Looking at the weather before we left for Vermont, I am glad we chose this weekend to head up there as temps in Connecticut were much higher with what I am sure must have been stifling humidity.  Once again, our son absolutely loved his time in Vermont, although this time sleeping was an issue on Friday night.  Unlike his first camping trip where we arrived around his bedtime and were inexperienced at putting our son to bed in the woods, this time we arrived early and had no trouble getting him to bed.  That however, was the end of our good times for the night.  It wasn't the whole nigh;, in fact he did fine until about 10:00 when he woke up and started screaming.  We finally got him back to bed after about 15 minutes and hoped that it would be the last time he would do that.  It wasn't however.  He woke again screaming close to midnight and managed to fall back asleep by himself rather quickly.  Then at about 3 in the morning, you would have thought that the world was coming to an end.  Our son decided to wake up screaming and wouldn't stop until we picked him up at which point he practically fell back asleep in my wife's arms.  We have no idea what caused the ruckus and probably never will, but luckily it was only one night of torture, not two.  After that first night, both he and my wife slept until 7 A.M., unheard of especially for our son who likes to wake up at 530 normally.  But such is life, he is still young and is probably still getting used to the whole camping experience. 

Other than the one tortuous night, everything was good with our son.  He ate tons of solid foods as he did last time he was in Vermont and was super active as well.  What would be nice would be to find a job as professional vacationer.  I know, that doesn't really happen until retirement age, but hey, its nice to dream every so often.  For now, though, we will just have to wait a month until our next Vermont trip where construction will begin on our next project.   I mentioned last week that it would probably be simple, just four posts, all connected at the top over which we could secure a tarp as a roof.  (We have a tarp setup now, its just really big and tends to break with too much rain or wind).  Well, after much discussion while sitting around our campsite kitchen setup, we decided that it would be beneficial to build a deck in between the posts so we could have a perfectly level surface upon which to put the table, Coleman grill, cooler, etc.  In addition to having a level surface, we wouldn't have to worry about wet ground or grass.  So the next trip will see at least the start of that project, probably pouring concrete for the posts and perhaps getting the posts up.  After that, we shall see how it goes.  But for now, it is back to work, back to making money, and back to the grinding wheel.  For now, memories of vacation in Vermont will have to suffice. 

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